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Richard W. Weismeyer; Marjorie L. Nelson; E. Jamie Trefz; Alice E. Gregg; John E. Crowder; Edith H. Williams; David J. Bieber; Ethel L. Hannum


Medical-dental team returns from Central America, enrollment sets record, pioneer day honor veteran SDA workers, husband-wide team finish fire duty, two student missionaries begin teaching in Hong Kong, new German measles serum undergoes testing


Inside this issue:

- Medical-dental team returns from Central America
- Enrollment record set; classes begin tomorrow
- Pioneer day honors veteran Seventh-day Adventist workers
- Husband-wife team finish fire duty in north woods
- Two student missionaries begin teaching in Hong Kong school
- Dental students plan folk music program
- New German measles serum undergoes testing in area
- Guest Editorial, A year ended
- Letters to the Editor
- University offers extension courses
- Switzerland color film heads 1968-69 artist-lecture series
- [ Book Talk ] The Four Loves
- Registration — 1968 (pictorial)
- [ University Placement ]
- La Sierra campus student returns from South America
- Sixth annual SN workshop held at Pine Springs Ranch
- Professor receives doctorate degree
- No more toothbrushes? Major research project
- New professor joins public health staff
- Century Club helps remodel lounge
- Nursing faculty members spend time in mission areas
- [ Calendar of Future Events ]
- SDA dentist requests dental hygienists, dentists to register
- Research funds go to LLU; $28,000 for heart disease study
- Discount ducats free fair tickets, in dean's office
- Lab evaluation held; LLU participates
- Job readiness students finish nine-week concentrated course
- Speech pathologist certified by board
- NASDAD confab held in Michigan
- Physical Therapy, Alumni News
- Nursing, Alumni News
- Septuagenarians climb Whitney
- Classified
- University employees eligible for tuition-free classes
- University Church choir makes new Chapel recording
- Reception scheduled for LLU students
- Three journalism classes offered on La Sierra campus
- Medicine, Alumni News
- Publishing house accepts books by two professors
- San Bernardino medical group awards $11,000 to University
- Division of religion schedules evening religion classes
- Nursing alumnus arrives in Saigon
- PT students choose new class officers
- Physical fitness courses scheduled for fall semester
- Births
- Eight radiologic students receive awards, certificates





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Scope - Volume 05, Number 11