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Richard W. Weismeyer; Marjorie L. Nelson; Peggy M. Hanson; Alice E. Gregg; John E. Crowder; Edith H. Williams; Sidney E. Alien, PhD


Humanitarian relates story, Bieber schedules progress reports, Los Angeles Philharmonic to perform in LLU, School of Dentistry honors Monument Valley, LLU talent show Saturday, eight gold metals awarded to LLU dairy


Inside this issue:

- 9,000 starve each day, Humanitarian relates story of courage and peril
- Bieber schedules progress report for University
- Zubin Mehta conducting, Los Angeles Philharmonic to perform in Loma Linda
- School of Dentistry honors Monnment [sic] Valley dental clinic
- LLU talent program slated for Saturday
- Eight gold medals awarded Loma Linda University dairy
- Guest editorial, The central tradition of LLU
- DSA meeting hosts folk trio tomorrow
- Undergrad student state scholarship applications ready
- Captain to tell South Sea adventures November 16
- [ Book Talk] I Protest!
- Wood show opens in library November 15
- University Security Patrol protects two campuses
- New world opened up to South Vietnamese girl
- University Security Patrol protects two campuses
- [ University Placement ]
- Students presented Anatomy atlases
- Lung ashtray helps smokers kick habit, see 1 inside' self
- Simplified computer system improves KSDA's broadcasts
- Sigma Phi Kappa to honor nurse
- Calendar of Future Events
- LSD to be topic at noon meeting
- Births
- LLU resident surgeon reports hardships at Biafran hospital
- Pacific Press publishes new book about the University
- Criterion receives Ail-American rating
- Political science professor to review election results
- Eat-in to be held for AS alumni and all former students
- Classified
- Chicago board of health changes meeting date for SM alumnus
- Mission Vacancies
- JMA starts party catering service
- Nursing, Alumni News
- Editor of academic publications named ACPRA chairman
- Loma Linda Student receives $500 grant
- Audubon wildlife film lecture probes The Vanishing
- First meeting of Adventist historical society scheduled
- Socialism? Chickens seek social security
- Have you a white elephant? It could aid education
- University alumni join Hinsdale staff
- Four teachers join department of modern languages
- The Sound of Music to be shown by dental students





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Loma Linda University


Loma Linda

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Scope - Volume 05, Number 13