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Jerre K. Iversen; Oliver L. Jacques; Peggy M. Hanson; Alice E. Gregg; F. Richard Doolittle; Norma D. LaPointe; Douglas A. Weeks; Stephen R. Frank; William C. Young, MD; Betty R. Sterling, PhD; Neal C. Wilson; E. E. Cleveland; Jack W. Provonsha, MD, PhD; Manfred A. Carter


Congressman Pettis holds hearings on VA hospital, Violinist is set to perform concert in Loma Linda, 'Portrait of Hawaii' music pageant coming to University, Sigma Xi lecture on growth of cells, handwriting expert at Spring Festival, oral surgeon to serve on national pain control panel


Inside this issue:

- Congressman holds hearing on proposed local VA hospital
- Violinist is slated to perform sacred concert in Loma Linda
- Sigma Xi lecture tonight features talk on growth of cells
- Handwriting expert to be featured at Spring Festival
- Oral surgeon to serve on national pain control panel
- "Portrait of Hawaii' music pageant coming to University
- Do Something!
- Proposed VA hospital
- SPH professors lecture classes at Valley College
- PT students make good showing in state board exams
- Five-day smokers' clinic to be taught starting Sunday
- [ FORUM Open to Discussion ]
- 10 health commandments
- [ Calendar of Future Events ]
- Psychology work is topic of next- University forum
- Thirty people attend stop-smoking clinic at Norton AFB
- International club for students elects new president
- Births
- Dental materials are subject of next SD one-day class
- U S Army dental consultant to teach two-day course
- Vocal minorities + silent majorities=?
-- Minority study rationale
-- Editorial essay
-- College president advocates active racial stand by Adventist church
-- Racism is defined
-- Church leader calls for immediate change in unchristlike attitudes
-- Evangelist cautions blacks, whites against violence for social reform
-- Theologian discusses need to face resolution of minority tensions
-- Black Fullback





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Loma Linda University


Loma Linda

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Scope - Volume 07, Number 10