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Oliver L. Jacques; Ronald W. Bowes; Peggy M. Hanson; Jerre K. Iversen; Richard A. Schaefer; Richard W. Weismeyer; Harold M. Wynne; David A. Thomsen; Mary Pat Spikes; David J. Bieber; George B. Nelson; Maureen R. Maxwell, EdD; Jack W. Provonsha, MD, PhD; Fritz Guy; Louise L. Henriksen


as we begin the 70's, a provost at La Sierra, university students and community service, why graduate education, let's look at Appalachia, vocational training for urban youth, the body's defense against cancer, can the SDA church operate a university, schools without failure, the consecration of an educated mind, birth research: better procedure indicated


Inside this issue:

1970 Mission to Guatemala

- The new look . . .
- The hair hangup
- The church and the University
- Woodrow Wilson fellowships
- Provost at La Sierra
- 'Christianize' Our Educational Approach

-- 107 Graduate August 13
-- Death Takes Prominent Faculty Members
-- An On-Going Program in Greece
-- Teacher Exchange is Completed
-- Deans Call for Coordinated Curriculum Planning
-- New Pastor on Campus
-- Student Exchange Links Two Adventist Universities
-- A National Association for Adventist Business Men and Educators
-- La Sierra Students Participate in Home Mission Projects

- Editorials
-- The General Conference Session
-- The Horns of a Dilemma
-- New Challenge for Adventists
-- A Different Kind of Pollution

- As We Begin the Seventies
- "A Thousand Ways"
- A Provost at La Sierra - An interview with Robert E. Cleveland, PhD
- University Students and Community Service
- Why Graduate Education?
- Let's Look at Appalachia
- The Master Plan: A Continuing Report
- Vocational Training for Urban Youth
- Continuing Education for Dentists
- The Body's Defense Against Cancer
- [ Placement ]
- Can the Seventh-day Adventist Church Operate a University?
- Schools Without Failure - A famous psychiatrist shares his philosophy with students and teachers in the School of Education
- A Call for Better Teamwork - a placement-recruitment report
- The 1970 Mission to Guatemala
- The Consecration of an Educated Mind

- Alumni News
-- Nursing Alumni Builds Scholarship Fund
-- A. R. Stadin Passes Unexpectedly
-- University Dentists in Pakistan
-- Nurses Give to Mission Hospitals
-- Class of 1920 Convene Here
-- Full-Time Positions Open
-- La Sierra Alumni Lead Language Teachers
-- New Medical Education Director at White Memorial
-- Officers Work with University Trustees
-- La Sierra Homecoming Taking Shape
-- Dentists Plan Event-Packed Convention
-- Medical Record Alumni Scheduled Orientation
-- Physical Therapy Alumni Meet in Washington
-- Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni Elect Officers
-- Walter E. Macpherson Society Exceeds $150,000
-- Physical Therapy Graduates Well Dispersed

- Birth Research: Alter Procedures Indicated
- School of Dentistry Film Takes Top Honors in Paris


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Scope - Volume 07, Number 19