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Oliver L. Jacques; Ronald W. Bowes; Peggy M. Hanson; Jerre K. Iversen; Richard A. Schaefer; Richard W. Weismeyer; Harold M. Wynne; Milton Murray; John Milton; Charles W. Teel; Alonzo L. Baker, PhD; William Wagner, M.D.; Louise L. Henriksen


Specialist in family practice, Revolution in the Classroom, why doctors move away, patients are people, Alonzo L. Baker's Middle East Report, Board chairman identifies objectives, burn your labeling machine, rattlesnakes replace guinea pigs, unsuspected hazard to unborn infants, color television helps medical students


Inside this issue:

New: A Department of Family Practice

- Opinion
-- Credit to Master Planning Council staff and members
-- Conflicting rumors about the new film
-- Actions are more effective than words
-- Extension class makes convert at camp meeting
-- Keep up the discussions but 'begin implementation'
-- "Is somebody finally" getting the point?
-- Image of Loma Linda Alumni in Mission Field Inspires Former University Staff Member
-- About the new Scope ...

-- President's Convocation Will Focus on Future
-- New Name for School of Public Health
-- Program in Respiratory Therapy Approved
-- Dean Smith to Heal National Committee
-- La Sierra Master Planning Program Authorized
-- Student Volunteers Cited for Community Action
-- New Agriculture Building Completed
-- Extension Head to Visit Asia
-- Br. Beach Works With Music Education in Moscow
-- Dr. Kellogg to be Memorialized
-- New Degree Program for University Extension
-- Volunteers Match Works with Dollars
(continued on page 19)
-- Anthropology Field Trip Completed
-- Psychological Factors in Accidents

- Editorials
-- Time to Return a Favor
-- Good Men Who Seek Change
-- The Adventist Press and Truth

- A Specialist in Family Practice
- "Let Us Follow Him"
- Kissing Study 'Bugs' Researcher
- Revolution in the Classroom
- Why Doctors Move Away
- Getting Acquainted
- Patients Are People
- Russian Power Grab Predicted in Wake of Nasser's Death
- Trustees Chairman Objectives
- Burn Your Labeling Machine
- Robb Hicks Named Alumni Representative
- A Changing Picture in Medical Missions
- La Sierra Campus Hosts Academy Seniors
- Association of College Editors Meets Here to Set Objectives For Papers
- Loma Linda Teachers Named Outstanding Educators of America
- Rattlers Replace Guinea Pigs in Parasite Research
- 'We Will Help Students Find, Proclaim and Demonstrate Christ's Life'
- Smog and Cigaret [sic] Smoke Called Unsuspected Hazard to Unborn Infants
- [ Placement ]

- Alumni News
-- Governors Look to Future
-- Alumni of Year to be Selected
-- Alumni Support Base Broadened
-- Associations Schedule Homecomings
-- University Women Recognized
-- Outstanding Young Men Named
-- Madam Nehru Will Speak At Fall Event
-- New Gym Planned for Riverside Campus
-- Students Helped by Schrillo Fund
-- Coed Killed in Auto Accident
-- SM Teachers Honored
-- Alumnus Leads Fight Against Pollution
-- California Fire Destroys Home of Dental Alumnus

- New Color Television Helps Medical Students
- Surgery Affiliation with Greek Hospital is Established
- Radiologist Wins Heart Association's Silver Medal Award
- Loma Linda Volunteers Nominated for 1970 Lane Bryant Award
- Two La Sierra Men Write on War, Peace
- Alumni Office Gets Manager
- Dr. Hadley Helps in Afghanistan School





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Scope - Volume 07, Number 20 Extra