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Oliver L. Jacques; Peggy M. Hanson; Ronald W. Bowes; Richard W. Weismeyer; Harold M. Wynne; Louise L Henriksen; David J. Bieber


University councilors, bridging the fitness gap, 'twas two weeks before Christmas, is there a doctor in he house, revising the curriculum, 1970: the year we woke up


Inside this issue:

An Interview with the President

- Opinion
-- Astounding conclusion
-- Dr. Baker's opinion
-- For effective placement
-- A pleasant surprise
-- Labeling machine
-- On federal aid
-- The new format
-- Editor's Byline . . .

-- Strategy for the Seventies
-- Quadrennial Constituency Meeting
-- Loma Linda Organizes Its Own Government
-- Feedback from Church Educators
-- New Interest in Library Development
-- School of Medicine Honors Legislator
-- Student Volunteers Initiate New Church Program
-- Red Cross Commends Two Faculty for Biafra Service
-- Open House for New Agriculture Building
-- European Curriculums Studied
-- Neurosurgeons Present Paper at Conference
-- Diabetes Association Elects Chairman
-- Dental Professor Accepts New Position
-- "Spirit of Prophecy" Scored
-- Loma Linda Students Recognized for Drug Abuse Program LLU Bucks Enrollment Slide
-- School of Nursing Dean at Church-Planning Council
-- Dental Hygienists Receive Caps and Pins

- Editorials
-- Day of judgment
-- University in review
-- Watching for changes
-- Christian activism is alive

- The Bold Ones
- Students, Faculty Bridge the Fitness Gap
- An Interview with the President
- And Now a Word From . . .
- (Christmas pictorial)
- 'Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas
- Is There a Doctor in the House?
- "While the World Dances"
- Reviewing the Curriculum
- Emergency Helistop Saves Lives
- 1970: The Year We Woke Up
- Faculty Members Receive Recognition
- In the News . . .
- Social work training is now available to college students
- Betatron machine is installed in cancer treatment facility
- The deadly vaporizer, Glue-sniffing is lethal to teen-agers
- University president reports on crisis facing private colleges
- Three-year leadership program initiated for nursing students
- La Sierra student receives dental education scholarship
- Respiratory therapy department opens this fall
- Bible camp credited with altering pattern of students' life style
- Cooling helmet developed to help neurosurgeons
- Week of Devotion speaker tells student about 'a real God'
- Twenty-one student missionaries are now covering world field
- Okinawa agriculture institute graduates thirteen students
- 'The Animal Pharm(acy)', Human medicine is not for pets
- University radio station broadcasts coverage of recent Inland Empire mountain brush fires
- SD faculty members become officers in periodontology society
- [ Placement ]
- Dentistry senior wins award in annual table clinic competition
- Adventist influence is discussed during Graduate School retreat
- The missing insect killer case is solved; lost girl is found
- Twenty-seven students will receive dental foundation loans
- PUC academic dean will speak at winter graduation exercises
- Alumni News





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Loma Linda University


Loma Linda

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