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Oliver L. Jacques; Ronald W. Bowes; Richard W. Weismeyer; Harold M. Wynne; David J. Bieber; CarrolI L. Bright; Winton H. Beaven, PhD; Patti A. Purely; Donovan A. Courville, PhD; Bobb B. Hicks


President's constituency report, doctor for all seasons, loneliness, alumni conventions, role of the Christian physician, archaeology confirms the Bible


Inside this issue:

The Face of Leadership

- Opinion
-- Social drinking
-- Dowdy nurses?
-- Fitness gap
-- Recent graduates
-- Busy physicians
-- Christmas spirit
-- University film
-- Late SCOPES
-- New format
-- Editor's byline . . .

-- Adventists Challenged To Innovate
-- Missionary Calls For Christian Witness
-- A Closer Look At World Missions
-- Dental Administrator Recognized
-- Theologian Protests Preacher-Doctor Separation
-- Focus Is On Learning Experience
-- Attorney Is Elected To Board Of Trustees
-- An Observatory At La Sierra
-- A Fresh Look At The Drug Scene
-- Consolidated Investment Program Authorized
-- University's Asian Policy
-- New Undergraduate Program In Dietetics Authorized
-- A Boost For Community Dentistry
-- Vegetarian Diet Promoted At University Of California
-- University Nurses Hold Workshops In Asia
-- Dr. Landeen Honored
-- New Basic Research With Possible Implications For Treatment Of Hypertension
-- La Sierra Pastor Accepts Call
-- Adventist Media Guild Organized

- Editorials
-- Quest For Relevance
-- Changes

- Election session is no 'drag'
- President’s Constituency Report
- A Doctor For All Seasons
- Loneliness
- The Accidental Innovators
- Alumni Weekend Wrap-Up
- SD Alumni-Student Convention
- SM Alumni Postgraduate Convention
- La Sierra campus 'homecoming 1971'
- In memory of. . .
- The role of the Christian Physician in the 70'
- Expecting the Unexpected
- Archaeology Confirms the Bible
- Groundbreaking signals start of $2.3 million library construction

- University News Watch -
- Calls on churches to help, Psychiatrist asks aid for alcoholics
- Health education aids now available through the School of Health
- In the News . . .
- National medical leader outlines future health care delivery plans
- University researcher studies radiation effects on bone cells
- Europe tour planned by physical education department faculty
- Urges relief to mothers' discomfort Doctor decries indifference to childbirth pain
- Nursing professors visit Asia, Oceania on working sabbatical
- Korean orphan has 300 American sisters
- Occupational therapy student missionary will go to Africa
- Playing house is not always kids' game, Medical students observe disturbed youngsters
- Dietetics program to be offered by SHRP beginning in 1972
- Summer anthropology field trip to Central America is planned
- 'Pain' is subject of upcoming nursing alumni institute
- Malcolm X biographer describes his African ancestral heritage
- Electronics laboratory courses will be taught at La Sierra
- More than 175 youngsters are guests of honor at student-sponsored Christmas party in Ontario
- [ Placement ]
- Former LLU president retires (or fourth time in 15 years
- Physics symposium features research papers by graduates
- As I See It
- Alumni News





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Scope - Volume 08, Number 02