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Oliver L. Jacques; Jerre K. Iversen; Ronald W. Bowes; Caroline J. Turner; Siegfried A. Kotz; Jerry L. Pettis; Morris E. Venden; Robb R. Hicks


We can't all be doctors, I chose Puerto Rico, Financing a college education, national health care in the 70's, teaching Christ at LLU, a search for realism


Inside this issue:

Student-Led Week of Devotion

- Opinion
-- Natural childbirth
-- Women also lead
-- Loneliness
-- University film
-- Family physician
-- New format
-- Editor's Byline. . .

-- School Of Health Is Fully Approved
-- Required Worships Studied
-- Adventist Educators to Organize
-- New Opportunities For Church
-- Dr. Peterson to speak at University of London
-- Pettis to Promote Use of Media in Education
-- New Program in Urban Family Education
-- Famous Conductor to Head Institute at La Sierra
-- University Theologian Serves On Church's Research Committee
-- New Pastor at Campus Hill Church
-- Accelerated Medical Course Tested
-- Dr. Stirling participates in population symposium
-- School of Health Teacher Granted Who Fellowship
-- Financial Worries in SDA Higher Education

- Editorial
-- Prophets of Doom
-- Four-Day Work Week
-- God and Diversity

- Let's Face It ... We Can’t All be Doctors
- Certificate Programs Are Also Available
- "I Chose Puerto Rico"
- 'Good Old Dad' Gets a Break
- Expect National Health Care In The 70's
- Teaching Christ on the University (interview)
- Experienced Educator Looks
- Campus (interview)
- At His Church and the Future
- A Search For Realism
- Teaching Has Become Exciting Profession
- Jesus at 20

- University News Watch -
- Commencement speakers slated for May graduation
- Dr. Charles Smith will retire as dean of dental school
- Training to begin for typists, clerks on La Sierra campus
- In the News . . .
- SAHP dean announces new program in medical technology
- Mittleider agricultural methods will be taught in Loma Linda
- Friends honor medical alumna in surprise tribute ceremony
- Unique system of patient billing is under study at medical center
- Campus newspaper wins tops honors in press club judging
- Diet of Worms anniversary is commemorated at La Sierra
- Dentist recommends brief mission service on a relief basis
- School of Health departments are consolidated, strengthened
- Art Linkletter speech highlights School of Health alumni affair
- Healthy circulation within teeth is found to prevent tooth decay
- [ Placement ]
- Thirty-five surgeons from 12 states attend Billroth course
- Pacific lagoon laboratory, Biologists study life of coral reef
- As I See It
- Alumni News





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