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Oliver L. Jacques; Larry L. Crane; Ronald W. Bowes; Caroline J. Turner; Jerre K. Iversen; Godfrey T. Anderson, PhD; Carl Henry, PhD; Harrison E. Evans, MD; Robb R. Hicks


the president's manifesto, what's in a face?, the dimensions of freedom, Christian theology, do you care?, VA hospital


Inside this issue:

Teachers, Planning, Innovation

- Opinion
-- Quality of LLU youth
-- VA issue
-- Childbirth preparation
-- Editor's Byline . . .
-- Scope Contents
-- University Film

-- Reasons For VA Hospital Site Change
-- More Advent 1st Youth Seek Careers in Medicine
-- Full University Accreditation Granted
-- New Graduate Programs Approved
-- Interpreting LLU to Black Constituents
-- Growing Support For Recreation Center At La Sierra
-- Master Plan For SDA Education
-- New Agriculture Course in Okinawa
-- Dr. Baker to Tour Red China
-- Presbyterian Defines Sabbath
-- For a Better Educated Ministry
-- Language Teachers to Study In Europe
-- Summer Biology Program For Teachers
-- New Speech Clinic at La Sierra
-- Dr. Beaven Sees "New Way" to Evangelize
-- Noted University Scientist Dies
-- Teachers and Students Pray Together

- Editorials
-- A Necessary Response

- The President's Manifesto
- The Focus is on Learning
- What's in a Face?
- The Dimensions of Freedom
- Christian Theology and the Counter-Cultural Revolt
- Do You Care?
- The VA Hospital: A special progress report

- University News Watch -
- Dental school building suffers $125,000 in fire damages
- Businessman elected chairman of LLU Councillors for 1972
- Speech and hearing center opens on La Sierra
- School of medicine, Alumni Convention plans announced
- In the news . . .
- Violinist to make comeback appearance after long illness
- New Graduate School program offered in Medical Technology
- Order from disorder, SDA periodicals to be indexed for first time
- Nobel prize winner lectures to medical students at LLU
- New touch added to music department's candlelight concert
- Alumni homecoming, Dental alumni-student convention announced
- Student missionary in Pakistan during recent conflict
- Accelerated dietetics program approved for University study
- Frosh medical student receives award for his research work
- Children express anger against parents in messy ways
- Ministerial students aid in the evangelism of Mission '72
- Industrial education training University pastor calls for revitalized by new chairman
- Associate dean of dentistry chosen to fill recent vacancy
- University gives VA 15 acre gift
- University pastor calls for "clinical" teaching of religion
- As I See It
- [ placement ]
- Alumni News





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