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Oliver L. Jacques; Ronald W. Bowes; Elizabeth H. Bentley; Howard B. Weeks; John S. Millis; Alice Gregg; Hermann .K. Bleibtreu; Charles W. Teel; Gerald F. Colvin; Robb R. Hicks


School of Education, Medical Education, Higher Education, Dealing with disappointment, why leaders lead


Inside this issue:

School of Education

- Opinion
-- On divorce studies
-- More on Government Aid
-- Rural practice
-- Editor's Byline . . .

-- Christian Education at Work
-- Nursing Educator Passes at 41
-- Nationally Recognized Speakers to Visit Loma Linda Campus
-- Dr. Norwood's Medical History Republished
-- Physicians Needed for Preventative Medicine Programs
-- History Teacher Begins Second Term as College Board President
-- University Dentist Works on Nation's Prevention Program
-- Alumni Lead in Giving Increases
-- Dr. Thomas Plans Courses for India, Philippines
-- Students in Radiological Technology Rate High
-- La Sierra Dean Lectures British Society
-- Nursing Educator Joins Staff
-- Trustee Gets Alumni Distinguished Service Award
-- Cardiologist Heads Federal Medical Program

- Editorials
-- Is Christian education in trouble?

- LLU Educational Ideals Put to Performance Test
- Student Responsibility Inspires Success in 'Performance' Course
- School of Education Reaches Far to Provide Field-Oriented Service
- 'Innovation' a Key Word in School of Education
- LLU Students and Graduate Teachers in Demand by Surrounding Schools
- School of Education Accreditation is Comprehensive and Enthusiastic
- Performance-Oriented Doctoral Program Proposed at LLU
- Historic Counsel to Church Guides Educational Program
- A Hard Look at the New Look in Medical Education
- Loma Linda Acts to Meet Shortage
- Higher Education is for Common People
- Dealing with Disappointment
- Why Leaders Lead When
- University archivist work to preserve vision of pioneers

- University News Watch -
- Student dental teams conduct summer clinics
- LLU enrollment up
- Septuagenarian hikes Mt. Whitney
- Anatomy course offered
- Family practice receives $289,000 grant
- Billroth course set
- As I See It
- Trust officers meet at La Sierra
- LLU receives insurance check
- Alumni News
-- Allied Health
-- Arts & Sciences
-- Dentistry
-- Health
-- Graduate
-- Medicine


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