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Oliver L. Jacques; Waldena J. Gaede; Ronald W. Bowes; Jerre K. Iversen; Elizabeth H. Bentley; Don Bauer; William Wagner; Howard B. Weeks; Robb Hicks; Franklin S. Fowler; Charles W. Teel; Leo R. Van Dolson; Alice Gregg


Church and LLU, timely idea, Christian doctor, other healers, volunteers, world mission, doctor to doctor, future Christian hospital, addicts, hospital chaplain, medical work partners


Inside this issue:

The Ministry of Healing

- Opinion
-- Alumni Postgraduate Convention on the Loma Linda campus
-- Church leader lauds SM alumnus
-- Interest in preventive medicine
-- Thirteen mile error
-- Plea for "decent paper"
-- Editor's Byline . . .

- Periscope
-- Dr. Cleveland Dies in Hiking Accident
-- LLU Enrollment Defies National Trend
-- School of Medicine Dean in Vietnam
-- La Sierra Students Active in Church Work
-- Elick Recognized for Contributions to Science
-- Alumni Give More Than $800,000 in 1972
-- President Airs Preference for Direct Aid to Students
-- Medical Center LVNs Set High Standards
-- Effects of Marijuana Described
-- National Association of SDA Historians to be Organized
-- Loma Linda Librarian Retires
-- Delay in VA Hospital Construction Schedule

- Editorials
-- A big man has fallen
-- Closing the credibility gap
-- Something of Value

- The Church and Loma Linda University
- The Christian Doctor and his Community
- The Other Healers
- The Volunteer Way
- A University With a World Mission
- LLU'S Doctor to Doctor Programs
- The Christian Hospital of the Future
- As I See It . . . there's a crisis in the emergency room.
- Should Christians Help Addicts?
- The Hospital Chaplain
- Partners in Medical Missionary Work
- In memoriam: Alfred Walters 1915-1972
- In memoriam: Robert E. Cleveland 1925-1973

- University News Watch -
- Starving Bangladesh nationals may benefit from LLU aid
- First PT student missionaries to work in African leprosarium
- Patients help chaplains improve their ministry
- Medical alumni appoint '74 officers
- Retired salesman donates 2,000 early SDA books to library
- Homecomings Focus on Professional and Spiritual Needs
-- Medicine
-- Physical Therapy
-- Dentistry
- Loma Linda community exercises way to health
- Endowment to aid religion division
- University students to determine whether they are in good shape
- Summer missions institute slated
- 'Young Mothers' group learns about child care
- Biologists live under water in Bahamas
- Last Alfred Walters album recently released
- Dodgers, Lakers team doctors hold LLU sports medicine clinic
- Physicians needed in South Dakota
- Illinois town finds funds for doctor
- Nursing alumni plan all-day April homecoming festivities
- Pediatric Nurse Associates graduate inaugural class
- European art tour planned for summer
- Funds to aid students who serve in rural settings
- Allie Owen named emeritus librarian
- Cholesterol control vital in preventing coronaries
- University researchers develop new way to study thyroid disease
- Middle Eastern Studies Session Set
- Teacher patents better tennis racket
- Alumni News
-- Allied Health
-- Arts & Sciences
-- Dentistry
-- Health
-- Medicine
-- Nursing





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Scope - Volume 10, Number 02