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Oliver L. Jacques; Waldena J. Gaede; Ronald W. Bowes; Jerre K. Iversen; Elizabeth H. Bentley; Judy Miller; Howard B. Weeks


spirit of place, student missionary, America's white knight, play and physical fitness, ancient rite, flexibility is the word, summer school, recreation program, la sierra library, new generation


Inside this issue:

Food for the Spirit

- Opinion
-- Alumni gift to Voice of Prophecy is appreciated
-- Alumni-student funds made pavilion possible
-- Students "go native" at Indonesia mission
-- Fulfilling experience
-- Physician finds Christian spirit at Medical Center
-- Japanese culture enriches life
-- The Cleveland Fund
-- Teacher education not new
-- Editor's Byline . . .

- Periscope
-- Board Chairman Retires After 44 Years of Service
-- Library Building Fund Gets $100,000 Boost
-- College at La Sierra Can Set Pace for Adventist System
-- Trustees Move to Meet Contemporary Health Need
-- La Sierra Enrollment Escapes Seasonal Drop
-- Demand for Teachers is Growing
-- Five Year Enrollment Projection Aired
-- Church Now Gets More for Its Money
-- Outstanding Summer Session Planned for La Sierra
-- Murdoch Joins Extension Team
-- Adventist Historians Meet at Loma Linda
-- Provost Named Andrews "Alumnus of the Year"
-- Teachers to Study Agriculture Concepts

- Editorials
-- Fiftieth anniversary is source of both pride and dissatisfaction
-- 1973 APC achieved Christian community

- The Spirit of Place
- Student Missionary Opens Heart
- America's White Knight Visits La Sierra Campus
- COLLEGE REPORT: Play and Physical Fitness Help Build Minds and Bodies
- Ancient Rite Nourishes the Spirit
- Flexibility is the Word in College Education
- Adaptability is the Word for Summer School
- Varied Recreational Programs Offers Something for Each Student
- Students Benefit from Work and Student Aid Programs
- New La Sierra Library Offers Array of Learning Aids
- The New Generation, Youthful teachers find increasing role

- University News Watch -
- School of Medicine students receive diplomas in April
- Dr. Bonowsky is June commencement speaker
- Agriculture managers study new methods at La Sierra
- LLU planning tour of Middle East
- Collegians-La Sierrans record now available
- Teacher of the year honored
- Counseling center helps students and teachers cope
- Japanese translate LLU textbook
- Social workers hold retreat at Pine Springs
- La Sierra hosts Physics Symposium
- Amazon visits lead to adoption of girl
- Loma Linda nurse serves as police investigator in Hollywood
- Allie Owen dies
- LLU geneticist crosses leopard cat with common house cat
- Sugar Shown to lower resistance to disease
- Dr. Delmer Brown suffers fatal heart attack
- Nursing Learning Center opens
- Alumni News
-- Arts & Sciences
-- Allied Health
-- Dentistry
-- Medicine
-- Nursing





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