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Jerry L. Pettis; Tor Lidar; Oliver L. Jacques; John Parrish


Southern California Conference, White Memorial Hospital, Board of Trustees, Board of Councillors, major LLU campus project, Elder FD Nichol, new evaluation


Inside this issue:

- Trustees Finalize SC Conference Ownership of "White Memorial"
- WMH Valued at $7,500,000: Cree Sandefur
- Board of Councillors To Sponsor Major LLU Campus Project?
- Elder FD Nichol Challenges Students to New Evaluation
- Heubach Speaks At Mental Health Meeting in Ohio
- SCOPE'S Special
- On Common Goals
- Increase of Gifts to LLU
- [ editor's mail bag ]
- Why a Loma Linda Park?
- Dr. Jack Provonsha Presents Talks
- President's Committee Names 22 to School, Hospital staffs Staffs
- LLU Publishing Chief Attends Anti Quack Meet
- KEMR Radio (schedule)
- The Wasco Story Shows Impact Of LLU Alumni on Community
- Dental Student Wins National Third Prize
- Week of Devotion to Begin October 28 at Both Campuses
- Medical Educator of International Fame Visits University Campuses
- Wenigers Have Alaska Guest
- 1963's Medical Students Write 18 Million Drug Orders during School Year
- PT Students Awarded
- Alumni Meet To Discuss Plans
- Dr. Keld Reynolds To Inaugeration [sic] In Thousand Oaks
- Helton Rsher Chosen New PHE President
- Dean Clark to Return from Trip Nov. 5
- Officers Added To Kalindha Club
- OT Students Enjoy Picnic, Painting
- LLU Cafeteria Makes Changes After Survey
- First Volume Published of Dr. Horn's Seminary Studies
- Wedding For Rittenbach, Spiel
- LLU's Dr. Maxwell To Give Paper on Daniel
- Faculty Member Has Bible Series
- Engagements For Two LLU Students
- Obituaries
- Eight Take Up Scuba Diving
- University
- Printing Service Lauded For Its United Fund
- SM Auxiliary Has Fall Meet In Hollywood
- Welfare Clinic Continues
- LL Men Enroll In Andrews U's Calif. Classes
- Special Events Calendar
- Miller, Ubbink To Hospital Assn. Meeting
- Dr. Hardinge Will Speak In Med. Evangelism Series
- Faith for Today To Feature LLU Heart Mission
- The Loma Linda U Alumni Forum





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Scope - Volume 01, Number 07