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Jerry L. Pettis; Tor Lidar; John Parrish; Carrol J. Mills; Jamie Trefz; Alice E. Gregg; Oliver L. Jacques; Jerry Wiley


Trustees verify promotions confirm faculty appointments, LL University mourns slain Presient, John F. Kennedy, H.M.S. Richards spiritual emphasis, future Trustees meeting at Loma Linda


Inside this issue:

- Trustees Verify 4 Promotions, Confirm Faculty Appointments
- Trustees Name Formally Nine Faculty Members
- 19 Named to Faculty Jobs
- LL University Mourns Slain US President
- Memorial Service; Dr. Anderson Speaks
- H. M. S. Richards to Present Spiritual Emphasis
- Future Trustee Meetings to be At Loma Linda
- [ editor's mail bag ]
- Do We Bury Our Talents?
- A Crime Against the Nation
- Auxiliary Sets Holiday Theme
- Nursing Team Leadership To be Taught at LL Hospital
- Four Faculty Members Advance
- Valley College Visits LLU
- Dr. Fletcher Tarr Speaker at LLU Convocation
- Maxine Darling Writes Thesis
- SM Teachers Granted New Titles at LLU
- Dentist Convention to Feature Top Notch National Speakers
- Dr. Percy Magan Greatest LLU Pioneer/ Writes Biographer
- Six Physicians Named by Trustees To WMH Staff
- La Sierra Church On $660,000 Building Program
- Annual Event of Medical Auxiliary To Sponsor LLU
- Sacramento LLU Auxiliary Meets
- Santa to Wear Nice Outfit Here
- University Receives $5000 Gift from Heart Association
- Public Image of Medical Profession Discussed by LLU Vip at National Meet
- San Diego Group Has Hobby Show
- Research Professor Presents Lecture
- Dr. Clifton Dreyer Dies at El Monte
- '43 Alumnus Speaks At Local AUF Meet
- PT Director Attends Institute
- Faculty Members to Participate In Panel on Religion for Children
- Nurses to Learn Fire Fighting, Fire Prevention
- University Scuba Divers 'Graduate' At Catalina Island
- [ Book Talk ]
- Lola Sutton, Senior PT Student, Wins Scholarship
- LSC Professor Discovers Works Of Mark Twain
- [ Classifieds ]
- Teaching Program at The White Will be Contracted: Trustees
- National Journal Features Study of SDA Cancer Tests
- Thanksgiving Festival of Music Saddened by Death of President
- PT Senior Class Sponsors Trip to Mountain Ranch
- Special Events Calendar
- National Teacher Tests Set for '64
- University Adds Research Areas In Griggs Hall
- Fellowships for Medical Students to be Awarded





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Scope - Volume 01, Number 12