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Jerry L. Pettis; Tor Lidar; John Parrish; Carrol J. Mills; Jamie Trefz; Alice E. Gregg; Oliver L. Jacques; Jerry Wiley; Godfrey T. Anderson, PhD; Lucille D. Hopp


Memorial service U.S. President, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Lu lectures Turkey Universities, Campaign for Veterans Hospital, Windsor Boys Choir at Hole Memorial, University's Cerebral Palsy center


Inside this issue:

- Memorial Service Emphasizes Qualities of Late U.S.President
- Dr. Lu Lectures at Turkey Universities
- Campaign to Establish Veterans Hospital Begins; Some Object
- Famous Windsor- Boys Choir to Sing At Hole Memorial
- University's Cerebral Palsy Center Grows
- [ Book Talk ]
- Fair Proceeds To Help Academy
- 200 Singers to Present 'Messiah', 'Gloria' at Church
- SM Department Buys Microscope With Grant Funds
- Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients
- the wider scope
- 2 From LLU To Serve on ADA Councils
- Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients
- Final LA Meeting
- SM Teacher Presents Paper
- Teacher Attends TB Conference
- University Church Elders Uphold Prayer Tradition
- Chairman of Trustees Outlines Loma Linda University Growth
- Radiologists to National Meeting
- SD to Hear Outstanding Lecturer
- Remboldt Named General Administrator For White Memorial, Glendale Hospitals
- Nutrition Course Aims at Future Cooking Teachers
- University to Subdivide 59 Lots For LA and New Staff Members
- Loma Linda Reaches 1963 Arrowhead United Fund Goal
- Wildlife, Rocks On Club Program
- Reprints Available
- Medical Record Librarians Approve LLU Curriculum
- Thanksgiving Program Honors Kate Lindsay Hall Workers
- Dr. Chinnock Treasurer For DASC
- Speed Reading Rescheduled
- Pettis to Speak In Las Vegas
- LL Hospital Installs New Alarm System
- Church Colleges Enroll 10,926
- Speech Teacher Certified
- Loma Linda Pupils to Support Voice of Prophecy Broadcast
- Ninety Attend Thanksgiving Dinner in LA
- Alumnus Named For Clinical Research Job
- Special Events Calendar
- Scope Continues Advertising For University Family Only
- [ Classifieds ]
- Heart Assn. Takes Stand On Smoking
- National Newspaper Features Dr. Hon's Clinical
- Motel's Offer Good Only Until Dec. 31
- SN Alumni to Publish Own Member Directory
- GS Teachers in San Francisco





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Loma Linda University


Loma Linda

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Scope - Volume 01, Number 13