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Tor Lidar; Carrol J. Mills; Allice E. Gregg; Lucille D. Hopp; Oliver L. Jacques; John Parrish; Jerry Wiley


SM Alumni Convention, Doctors to Meet For Scientific Assembly in LA, School of Nursing Plans Homecoming For June 4


Inside this issue:

- SM Alumni Convention to Ponder Scientific, Spiritual Questions
- Alumni Convention Opens With Church Services at WM
- Doctors to Meet For Scientific Assembly in LA
- Newsmen to Confer With ARC Speakers
- Dr. Norwood Named Member of National Study Section
- School of Nursing Plans Homecoming For June 4 Here
- Into All the World. . .
- Dr. Provonsha Succeeds Dr. House as SM Alumni Association President
- Weeks Urges That Group Rediscover Basic
- Workshop to Study Estate Planning, Special Services
- Dr. Brinberg Dies
- Arrowhead United Fund Elects Jacques A Vice President
- Dr. Deeb Speaks to Palm Springs Club
- Australia Welcomes University's learn to New Guinea Tribes People
- Student Research Leads to Discoveries About Teeth
- [ editor's mail bag ]
- University, La Sierra College Explore Closer Affiliation
- [ Book Talk ]
- Arthur L. White Studies University Historical Library
- TV, Radio To Feature Convention
- Canada Club to Meet During ARC
- Pre-Health Week To Feature 5-Day Stop Smoking Plan
- Hinsdale Alumni To Meet April 5
- School of Nursing Accepts 53 Students for '67 Class
- Students to Participate in Summer Mission Program
- Banquet to Honor Alumni Assigned to Overseas Work
- Councillors, Administrators Will Meet at LLU Sunday
- Loma Linda Dairy To Cut Down Milk Distribution Here
- University Requests Street Realignment
- Firm to Construct 63 Homes On 20 Acres in Loma Linda
- Student Conducts Silver Craft Class
- UC Alumni to Meet
- [ Events Calendar ]
- [ Placement ]
- Homecoming to Activate Alumni
- 42 Campers Brave Weather at Anatomy Department Outing
- This Week in History of LLU
- Missionary Doctors Serve In 55 Countries Overseas
- Heart Patient from Greece Doing Well





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