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W. Augustus Cheatham; Waldena Gaede; Richard Weismeyer; Michelle Kosier; Kimberly Cortner; Shelia Elwin; Patti Guthrie; Joyce McClintock


Annual LLU Black Students retreat, LLU employees honored, Dr. Longo NATO professorship, Dr. Vine, artifacts loaned to Smithsonian


Inside this issue:

- Annual LLU Black Students Retreat set for November 11
- LLU employees honored at special recognition ceremony
- Dr. Longo awarded NATO professorship from Italian government
- Dr. Vine loans artifacts to Smithsonian
- Women's ordination is subject of lecture
- Dental hygiene students receive scholarships
- LLU Honored Employees - Loma Linda Campus (list)
- 'Special Mission - Special People' is theme of LLU faculty retreat
- Canadian colleges plan reunion for alumni, friends
- Andrews Memorial Hospital asks for assistance
- Allied health presented with $10,000 by NutriGroup, Inc.
- 'Family Crisis' is workshop topic
- La Sierra Academy has four students recognized by NMSC
- Twenty-first infant undergoes transplant at Medical Center
- New director appointed for Center for Lifelong Learning
- New book written on Millerite movement
- Young heart transplant recipient develops bond of friendship with bypass patient
- 3-ABN founder will speak in Loma Linda
- School of Business and Management host SDA administrative officers
- Business and management grad passes CPA exam on first try
- Transplant surgeon appeals to media to help in ongoing need for donor hearts
- Jamaican hurricane victims helped by La Sierra campus faculty, students
- Long distance running may lower immunity
- Cholesterol conference planned by Pettis VA Memorial Hospital staff
- Renewed emphasis placed on humanities by University
- Church historian looks back on 1888 meetings
- School of Business and Management faculty member lectures in Far East
- Epidemiologist appointed principal investigator of RIMS cancer program
- Triglyceride screening program set for Wednesday, November 2
- Professor speaks at Turkey meeting
- Righteousness by Faith workshop slated for Sunday
- School of Education hosts extended campus planning committee
- School of Dentistry retreat is successful
- Tobacco tax initiative is topic of ethics discussion
- Physical therapist assistant program will officially open for students in June 1989
- Mathematics and computing department gains new quarters
- Education faculty member named to state credentials commission
- LLUMC sponsors SIDS conference in mid-October
- Backus freedom lecture will feature Dean M. Kelley
- Physical therapist accepts internship job in Washington
- Allied health students learn microcomputers





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TODAY - October 26, 1988