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W. Augustus Cheatham; Waldena Gaede; Richard Weismeyer; Michelle Kosier; Kimberly Cortner; Shelia Elwin; Patti Guthrie; Joyce McClintock; George M. Lessard, PhD; Ronald C. Aloia, PhD


Special Research Supplement, Donald G. Prior vice president for advancement, Soviet physicians visit, Dicector of University libraries look to the future


Inside this issue:

- Vice president for advancement named for LLU, Medical Center
- Soviet physicians visit Loma Linda University
- Director of University libraries looks at future of Loma Linda libraries
- Five study tours offered through La Sierra campus schools
- Cancer information materials available from Medical Center
- Open house planned by student development
- Biomedical ethics course provides unique opportunity for clinical observation
- Newsbriefs
- LLUMC initiates courtesy van service
- La Sierra meets BECA goal; receives check for $30,000
- La Sierra deans release names of students on honor roll
- Applications for Chan Shun Scholarship Loan Fund now available
- School of Public Health dean will run in Los Angeles race
- Neurology professor authors booklet on Ellen G. White
- Divorce recovery group offered by MFAM
- WeCare Benefits Fair winners (list)
- WeCare Benefits Fair successful (pictorial)
- SIMS trips provides opportunity for students participation in local mission service(pictorial)
- Lake Arrowhead Renewal Unit initiated at Mountains Community Hospital
- Archaeological exhibit on display at Del E. Webb Memorial Library
- 'Open Hearts for Children' recipient living normal life
- Hulda Crooks scholarship fund is helping School of Public Health students
- Farmers Insurance donates to LLU
- Nursing honor society presents Dr. Leininger
- AIDS seminar taught on La Sierra campus
- School of Medicine Class of 1992 Love that Class!!
- Gospel singer will perform at Calimesa concert series
- Pastor joins SAHP staff as chaplain

- Research at LLU Supplemental

-- Dental Research is coming of age at Loma Linda University. After more than a decade of strong direct support of research by the School of Dentistry, financial support of research by industry and government now far exceeds that provided by the school.

-- Faculty members of the department of history and political science, College of Arts and Sciences, are currently involved in much research and publishing.

-- In connection with the graduate program in the biology department, College of Arts and Sciences, there are several active research programs in progress:

-- The psychology department and social work program in the College of Arts and Sciences has a vigorous research program. Five faculty members and a number of students are active in research.

-- Loma Linda University faculty Gail Rice, EdD, associate professor of educational foundations and research, School of Education;

-- A major goal of the doctor of public health programs within the School of Public Health is to develop research skills which will qualify the graduate to hold positions of responsibility in advanced research endeavors. Consequently, in addition to courses dealing with research methodology, the programs require a significant independent research project on the part of each doctoral candidate. The projects vary according to the interests of the students from epidemiologic investigations to health education interventions.

-- The department of health science, School of Public Health, conducted six separate research projects with doctor of health science students in the areas of wellness and disease prevention during 1988.

-- The following projects include ongoing and completed work which began in November, 1987, under the direction of Pravin M. Shah, MD, FACC, director of the academic program, cardiology section, School of Medicine. These projects have been done in collaboration with Ramesh Bansal, MB BS; Ramdas Pai, MD; and Marcos Cordoba, MD. The invasive correlations have been made with collaboration of William Willis, MD, Ken Jutzy, MD, and David Ferry, MD.

-- LLU School of Nursing will be hosting a Research Seminar by Nancy Bergstrom, RN, PhD, during Research Week, Monday, January 23, from 5 to 7 p.m. in West Hall, 110 A. Dr. Bergstrom is professor of nursing at University of Nebraska and prinicpal investigator of a $1 million study funded by the NIH, "Nursing Assessment of Pressure Sore Risk."

-- Recent academic activities in the School of Religion include some new publications and a new research project.

-- Fact Sheet: Center for Kidney Disease / Neal Bricker, MD, distinguished professor of medicine, joined the faculty of Loma Linda University School of Medicine on October 1, 1986. Due to the time required to renovate the assigned laboratories, the experimental program was initiated in July 1987.

-- Caring is a word that comes to mind when talking to Dr. Neal Bricker. He cares about his patients, medicine, and meshing the two so medical problems can be solved and patients freed from disease.

-- The Center for Kidney Disease is one of the newest organized research units for the School of Medicine. It is, by design, both multidisciplinary and multicategorical.

-- There are several ongoing research programs in my Anesthesia Research Laboratory. The three primary programs focus on (1) the effects of chronic alcohol consumption on cellular membrane function; (2) the effects of low temperature exposure on the function of the cellular membranes of mammalian hibemators; and (3) the effects of lipophilic [lipid (fat) seeking] drugs on the infectivity of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

-- When asked to comment on research in the department of micro biology, Barry L. Taylor, PhD, newly appointed chairman, said that in the past six months the emphasis has been on strengthening cellular and molecular biology.

-- The rheumatology section of the department of medicine, School of Medicine, is involved in several different projects. Two of their current studies are "Sera elastin antibodies in assessing elastin turnover in scleroderma" and "Antiguanosine antibodies and SLE activity: a longitudinal analysis."

-- Faculty in the department of psychiatry recognize the need and value of balancing our work in teaching and clinical practice with solid research. Thus, we have made a commitment to build a formal research division within the department. Our clinical and experimental research focuses on a number of subject areas. Among them are:

-- Daniel A. Mitchell, Jr., MD, professor and chairman of anatomy and associate professor of surgery, makes time to collaborate on a project with Drs. Douglas C. Smith and Alix Vincent on the "Anatomical Basis of Brachial Plexus Injury Secondary to Transaxillary Catheterization: A Study of 25 Cadavers."

-- A manuscript written predominantly by faculty of the School of Allied Health Professions and which will be die nationwide textbook on AIDS for allied health professions

-- Members of the School of Allied Health Professions report many and varied research projects. Joyce W. Hopp, PhD, dean, Renee Hills, education / QA coordinator, and Jerry Lee, PhD, associate professor of health education and promotion, have been involved in the development and validation of a pulmonary rehabilitation knowledge test.

-- Robert L. Wilkins, RRT, assistant professor of respiratory therapy, School of Allied Health Professions, and James R. Dexter, MD, associate professor, School of Medicine, and chief of pulmonary for Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Hospital, recently completed a survey on terminology used by chest physicians to describe lung sounds.





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