The purpose of this study was to observe and analyze the activities of the nursing team leader on a selected medical unit of the Loma Linda Sanitarium and Hospital and to measure the percentage of time spent in each recognized function.

To accomplish this, the descriptive survey method was used. Six team leaders were "shadowed" by an. observer for a total of ten days. Record of all team leader activity was made on a specially prepared form which provided for classification of activity under Leino's six functions for the team leader. These are:

  1. To Identify the Patient's Nursing problems
  2. To Interpret Nursing Problems to co-workers and Seek Their Cooperation in Planning
  3. To Formulate and Record the Nursing Care Plan
  4. To Differentiate and Delegate All Aspects of Nursing Care
  5. To Direct the Program of Nursing Care
  6. To Evaluate and Record the Results of Nursing Care

An additional section entitled Activities Not classifiable Under the prescribed Functions was included.

A brief description of each activity accompanied each classified entry permitting a later check for analysis. Record was also kept of the actual time occupied in each activity. A Pre-test served to check on the classification of activity and to secure the cooperation of unit personnel. The collected raw data was tabulated and organized into appropriate and meaningful figures and tables. From analysis of these figures it was concluded that while the team leader was spending time in the functions used as criteria, some time was also being spent in activities not defined as team leader function. Some of the methods of discharging these functions did not appear to be efficiently executed.

Recommendations were made specific to each function and included suggestions for study into the areas of team leader responsibility in team conferences, maintenance of the Kardex, assignment of nursing care, patient teaching and for in-service evaluation of team leader orientation and incorporation of refresher courses for the team leader.

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