Of 1,798 parasitic copepods, Charopinus dentatus (Wilson), collected from the skate host, Raja, binoculata Girard, 1,615 (89.87.) were obtained from the mucosa lining the mouth and pharynx. None were collected from the gill filaments. Host tissue damage was not seen grossly or microscopically around the attached parasite nor did the gut contents of female parasites give evidence microscopically or chemically that they are blood feeders. Green material from the gut of female parasites was made up of cell-like structures occurring singly and in clumps. Spectrophotometrically this material demonstrated spectral maxima (670, 410 'FM) similar to maxima of degradative products of chlorophyll A. The female attachment organ is constructed morphologically and histologically so that nutrients could pass from host tissue to parasite. A comparison of the accumulated percent mortality of two groups of parasites which had been removed from the host and one group which had been left attached showed at the end of 8 days 657 and 607 dead of those removed; but only 67 dead of those left attached. In vivo and in vitro radioisotope experiments demonstrated statistically significant uptake through female attachment organs of glucose- C14, glycine- C14, calcium-45 and urea- C14. Preliminary in vitro culture experiments tend to show that skate serum is of less value as a culture medium than minimum essential medium (Eagle) with Hanks base. When all . the data are viewed collectively, there is a strong suggestion that adult female parasites may obtain potential food material of plant origin from the surrounding environment and other nutrients by uptake from the host through the attachment organ. What specific significance these two nutritional sources may have for the maintenance of the parasite on the host awaits further research.

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