Various individual and supplemented plant proteins were studied by the protein efficiency ratio (PER) method to determine their relative abilities to promote growth in young albino rats. Animals received a 10 percent level of protein in an otherwise adequate ration.

A soy fiber product was found to have a PER which was not significantly different from that of the control, which received non-fat Animals received a dry milk as the only source of protein, Despite good growth, however. these experimental animals failed to show satisfactory reproductive responses. When wheat gluten, lentils or pinto beans were used individually as protein sources, the resulting PERs were significantly below that of the control group.

The most important aspect of this study was the development and testing of vegetable protein combinations. Mixtures were based on 30:50:20 blends of a legume (lentils or pinto beans), a cereal (cornmeal or wheat flour), and an oil seed (peanuts or pecans). In all cases, the PERs of the supplemented rations were significantly higher than those observed when the legumes were used alone. They were, however. significantly lower than the control in all cases, and several animals developed ragged fur or other evidences of nutritional imbalance.

Further study will be necessary to determine how the mixtures might be improved before they could be recommended for human trial.


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