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From jacket: "The purpose of this volume is to present a series of important papers on the rapidly growing surgical field of microneurosurgical anastomoses for cerebral ischemia. It includes papers on the indications and results of microneurosurgical bypass anastomoses; on the techniques used to study patients before and after surgery, including cerebral blood flow psychometic testing, etc.; and on the basic mechanisms of cerebral ischemia studies in animals. New ideas are suggested for techniques involving increased use of the occipital arteries and the development of vein, arterial, or prosthetic grafts in place of the STA (superficial temporal artery). Also discussed are the importance of measuring blood flow in the STA where possible, and the measurement of cerebral blood flow pre- and postoperatively to monitor the results. Psychometric studies are shown to be of importance pre- and postoperatively in addition to careful neurologic evaluation."


"The material in this book is taken from the first International Symposium on a microneurosurgical anastomoses for cerebral ischemia at Loma Linda, California."

This volume is available at the Loma Linda University Del E Webb Memorial Library at WL 355 M626 1976. The editor's [George Austin] personal copy, pictured here, is available as part of the George M. Austin Collection in the Department of Archives and Special Collections.