Review Process

The Journal of Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery is an open, double-blind peer reviewed electronic journal published by the Department of Plastic Surgery at Loma Linda University.

  1. All submissions must be previously unpublished manuscripts and must only be submitted to J-MIPS (multiple submissions of a manuscript to more than one publication at a time are not accepted).
  2. All submissions will undergo an initial review by co-editors for fit with the mission and purpose of J-MIPS as well as adherence to general academic standards for coherence and integrity.
  3. After passing the initial review by co-editors, submissions are sent out to members of the editorial board for blind peer review. Each reviewer will give a recommendation about publication of a manuscript according to the following list of options:
    • Accept paper for publication with minor or no changes.
    • Accept paper for publication on the condition that major changes will be made.
    • Reject paper for publication as not fitting the scope, level, or requirements of J-MIPS.
  4. Each reviewer may include specific and narrative comments for the author of the submission about its content, argumentation, research methodologies, data, conclusions, etc. These comments will be given to the author, without identifying the reviewers.
  5. If the reviews’ recommendations are substantially different, the editors may ask 1-2 additional editorial board members to read and evaluate the submission. The timeframe of the review process varies from as short as three months to six months or more based upon review timeline.
  6. When all reviews have been received by the editors, a decision will be made regarding publication, and authors will be contacted.