About This Journal

About this Journal

The Loma Linda University Student Journal (LLUSJ) is a student-run, open access periodical that publishes original academic and artistic works. Original discoveries from both the sciences and the humanities, authored by Loma Linda University students are eligible for submission to the journal. Students from any discipline can submit an original piece for publication. Scientific research, personal anecdotes, original artworks, and photography can all be used to illustrate each unique discipline within the university. A full listing of acceptable types of submission can be found on the page titled “publication guidelines.” Students can also learn the editorial process by joining the editorial staff. Both students and university faculty are represented and work closely together on each journal issue.

Original research studies are eligible to be presented at the Annual Postgraduate Convention (APC). Sponsored by the Loma Linda University School of Medicine Alumni Association the convention supports student research by providing a forum for basic science and clinical research projects to be presented and discussed. Interested students will have the opportunity to give brief talks related to their research at the convention while displaying poster boards related to their talk. A team of faculty and student reviewers will listen and review each speech. The top presenters will receive special commendation as well as a small prize. Selected posters and abstracts presented at the APC will be published on the website for future scholars to enjoy.

The Loma Linda University Student Journal is committed to publishing high-quality, original, student research. All material published on the website is rigorously reviewed, not to destroy or demean but to ensure that each publication represents our purest efforts. Knowledge of the publication process can be the foundation stone from which exemplary careers are made. The LLUSJ is dedicated to helping students build those careers by teaching the art of publication.

Aims & Scope

The Loma Linda University Student Journal is a student-run, scientific periodical dedicated to publishing original student works. As a healthcare-oriented graduate school, many of these works will focus on the basic and clinical sciences. Despite this special focus all student research, regardless of discipline, will be considered for publication. Students are represented in the journal not just as authors but also as editors, panel members and publishers. Each submission will be reviewed and edited by a team of student and faculty editors. To qualify for submission to this journal authors must be:

Current Loma Linda University students

Author/creator of an original, un-published work. We do not double-publish. It is the purview of each author to be aware of where their work is being represented.

Author works must meet the requirements detailed in the “publication guidelines” section.

The journal will stimulate and encourage students to become life-long academics as they pursue their careers. We aim to teach students the art of publication by engaging students in every aspect of the process, as well as to provide a platform where students can contribute solutions to significant issues.